Welcome to the Passion-4-Pattern BlogHop!!

Hi there, and welcome to the Passion-4-Pattern BlogHop!!  You’ve probably just visited Leslie Doughty’s fabulous blog, now onto mine!!! After you finish reading mine, please hop on over to the blog of Loni Harris!!! And if you are just popping in, why don’t you start at the very beginning, and visit Claire Smillie’s blog? Then you can marvel at each and everyone’s wonderful work that is participating today!

I’m a surface pattern designer, and I’d like to show you a bit of my work. I absolutely LOVE color, and I’m not shy to use it 😉

Folky-FloraThis pattern is hot off the presses, I just finished it a few days ago. Why don’t you leave a comment below and help me think of a name for this one?

The designs are based on traditional Ukrainian Pysanky motifs. I am passionate for patterns of all kinds, and I used to make these decorative little treasures a few years ago. These are some examples of the goose eggs that I’ve made, below. I loved making these, other than the fact that fingers and hands were stained constantly!!

I love to draw, I love to doodle! Although all of my work is done on the computer using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel Painter, I get my freshest ideas when I sit at my desk with a marker and my sketchbook. Ideas flow, and fresh patterns are born!! Here are a few pages from my favorite sketchbook.


sketchbook-1Thanks again for “popping” in!! Looking forward to all of your comments. Peace!

Please check out the blog of Loni Harris next!

If you would like to read my other blog post about how I make pysanky, please click here.


  1. jlwhithamillustration

    Mary, i’m just so jealous of your amazingly steady hand. your drawings are so amazing, and i’d love to steal a page from your sketchbook (pretty Please).

    Also, I want one of your eggs.

    Jen x

    • I’d love to start making new eggs!! I Need a new studio/space dedicated to doing that, and a cat proof room to ensure no spilling or fur in the varnish, lol! Thanks, Jennie 🙂

    • ohhh Julie…I just finished the final tweaks at 2 am or so. WordPress is fantastic, but there is a big learning curve coming from Blogger. All good stuff to learn though!! Thanks again!! 😀

  2. Those eggs Mary…i am speechless…they are You have such a talent (and so much patience!!!)…when I grow up, I wanna be able to draw and paint like you! Seriously, your sketchbook…totally jealous 🙂 I’m with Carrie, absolutely cannot wait to see where you take those sketches.

    • Thanks Claire!! I wonder if my eyesight can take it??? I’m looking at the eggs in front of me and wondering how I had the patience to make them…HAHA!! Thanks for setting up this wonderful “Hop”! Was really fun, and gave me the nudge to move my blog here to WordPress and set it all up!

  3. deborahvelasquez

    Hi Mary!!! Your work is so bright, so energetic and so colorful. With the more people I meet i can see the connection of the look of their work and their personality. We should arrange another meet up before winter driving!!!

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