Free September Calendar Download

Hey there! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT IT’S SEPTEMBER ALREADY??? I can’t! And to kick off the month, I’d like to share my FREE calendar page that I’ve designed!!

Here it is……

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About ME:

Mary Tanana is a designer who is inspired by many things; art, photography, gardening, landscapes and nature. She approaches her work with a boho, edgy flair. Mary has had a life-long love affair with anything patterned, and after a long and successful career as an award winning jewelry designer, she has once again embraced her first love of surface pattern design. Her style is defined by very intricate pattern work.

She loves to sketch in a variety of mediums, and often refers to her many sketchbooks, both old and new, for inspiration. She is fascinated with henna designs from India, folk art from the Ukraine, Russia and Poland, and loves Zentangle art. She has traveled extensively, and takes a lot of photographs wherever she goes. Mary tries to translate textures that she sees in landscapes, nature, or architecture into something fresh, eye-catching, and colorful.

My quirky detail:

“This one comes from when I was a child. Age 3 or 4. I would make my mother take me to the bathroom when we were out shopping, but only to see the tile on the floor and walls, the wallpaper, what colors were used. Really. I drove her crazy doing this! I bet I had her quite worried, but now I look back, I guess I was born to be a designer. Someone still brings this up at the dinner table at family gatherings from time to time.”

My favorite Designer:

“I can’t pick just one!! Kaffe Fasset is my absolute fave! His colors are just the yummiest! I love his organic shapes as well. I love complex designs, and I really admire how both Jenean Morrison and Josephine Kimberling put so much into a pattern and make it all work, make it saleable, and pleasing to the eye. That’s really a challenge to do! I also love Jessica Swift’s free spirit style and design sense.”

You can download my calendar page by clicking HERE.

You can find the post by Majo, the curator of the entire catalog by clicking HERE.

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