I Like to Explore New Places

Up until Easter, I haven’t posted here on my blog for a very long time. Why? Because I’ve moved! And you all know how much fun that is, right? It was a tedious, exhausting, and a long duration of a move due to some issues that were out of my control. But in hindsight, I think moving is a good thing.

Moving makes you purge material things, organize the stuff you decide to keep, and gives you a new (and hopefully a creative) outlook on life. I now have my own office. YAY. I’ll post pics of that when I get it a bit more organized.

Here is the cute little farmhouse where I live now. There are hydrangea bushes all around it, I can’t wait until we get further along in the season to see all of the color and blooms.

rocky point-farmhouse © Mary Tanana 2015

The other thing that I enjoy about moving is getting to explore a new area. What kinds of stores are in your neighborhood? What are the neighbors like? I love to take long walks and check out new stuff!

rocky point-stone wall © Mary Tanana 2015

There are gorgeous stone walls everywhere. I can’t imagine the time and patience it took to build them!

rocky point farm-blueberry-paw paw © Mary Tanana 2015

There is a blueberry and paw paw farm next door. Bonus!!!

Here is my latest adventure….

rocky point park-walking path © Mary Tanana 2015

Down the street are the remnants of an old amusement park, Rocky Point Park. It operated from the late 1840s until it closed in 1995. It had quite a history and created wonderful childhood memories for so many people in the New England area. Almost all of the structures have been razed, and the city of Warwick has created a beautiful seaside park and walking path.

rocky point park-walking path (2) © Mary Tanana 2015

That’s Narragansett Bay at the end of the path.

rocky point park-rhode island-panorama © Mary Tanana 2015

This is what’s left of the Sky Ride. How cool!

rocky point park-sky ride-rocks-hill © Mary Tanana 2015

This is where you got on and off.
rocky point park-sky ride-rocks © Mary Tanana 2015

I guess the ride went up and around those rocks!rocky point park-sky ride-metal © Mary Tanana 2015

Vines growing up the support.rocky point park-sky ride-base © Mary Tanana 2015rocky point park-rust-sky ride-metal © Mary Tanana 2015

I love, love rusted metal and distressed wood.

rocky point park-panorama-beach-narragansett bay © Mary Tanana 2015

Here is a panorama shot of Narragansett Bayrocky point park-bench-narragansett bay © Mary Tanana 2015 rocky point-rocks-rhode island © Mary Tanana 2015There are very cool sculpted rocks all along the coast and embedded in the hill.

Hope that you enjoyed this post! Now….I have to unpack a few more boxes….

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. suzyspellbound

    Congratulations Mary! Your new home looks gorgeous and you have some interesting surroundings! Good luck in your new place 😉

  2. Hi Mary Wow, love that you are so near the bay. This looks fab for you. I am sure you will find lots to explore. The rusty metal will make a great texture for a pattern. love MaryJane

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