Part 3 of my Advent Challenge blog posts….

#adventchallenge2014 Day 9 © Mary Tanana 2014


#adventchallenge2014 Day 10 © Mary Tanana 2014

Christmas Jumper (sweater)

#adventchallenge2014 Day 11 © Mary Tanana 2014


#adventchallenge2014 Day 12 © Mary Tanana 2014


I’ve always been wanting to do a matryoshka series of designs, so I decided to use her for the angel. I love how she came out!

#adventchallenge2014 © Mary Tanana 2014

Here are the first twelve days in block format.

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Christmas to Color…by ME!

A funny thing happened to me this past Summer. I received an email from someone at Harper Collins publishing, asking me if I would like to work with them to illustrate a coloring book. Say what? I get a lot of inquiries asking me to submit work, but they usually are...

Giveaway this Tuesday!

Hey there! I finally got my proofs for my first coloring book, Color like Crazy! Kaleidoscope Mandala Designs. It came out so awesome, I was jumping up and down as I flipped through the book. I'll be giving away 3 of these books, 60 designs in all. [wpvideo ojoaOQj3]...

Join my Mailing List!

Hey there! I've finally created a proper mailing list for you guys! I would love you to subscribe. I'll be sending it out periodically and include the latest things that I'm working on, and also some discounts and early bird specials on my newest products. Click on...

Gardening is Good for your Soul…

I think my favorite thing to do is gardening. Why? Because when I am doing it, I am not worrying about a thing. I find it highly therapeutic and relaxing, even though I've digging and carrying pails of water around the yard. I've just moved to a new house, and I've...