Welcome to the “Let’s Fly” Bloghop 2013!! You’ve probably just visited Jacqueline Auvigne Fine Art & Pattern’s fabulous blog, who is from Calgary, Canada. After you’ve strolled through mine, please check out the blog of good friend and terrific designer Jennie Whitham of JLW Illustration who lives in the UK!! I currently live in Providence, Rhode Island, USA….also nicknamed “The Creative Capitol”!!

The theme for this blog hop is “Flight”, and we all used Pantone’s Color of the Year, Emerald, in our patterns.   I designed ☮Butterflies Are Free to Fly☮ Very symbolic to me, as I’ve really felt like I’ve “flown” in 2012!!! I’ve learned so many new things in the past year, met so many fabulous creative women, and I feel that in 2013 I will soar even higher!  😀  I decided I needed a change in my life last year, and knew that I needed some extra help in order to pursue a surface design career, especially with everything being done digitally. I enrolled in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design courses, I completely fell back in love with pattern design and have immersed myself in it since then.

Butterflies Are Free to Fly

At a very early age, I was doing all kinds of crafts. I did embroidery, needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, quilling, crochet, starting at age 6. My parents were so wonderful, they gave into my every craft whim! Even back then, I knew I’d pursue some kind of job involving art.

And Butterflies Are Free to Fly-Room situ


After graduating from Syracuse University, (I studied Fashion Illustration which I stunk at!) I was hired to design photo-etched jewelry, then trained to design traditional jewelry in all markets. I was so excited to have a job in the arts…giddy! I was a very successful jewelry designer, but in 2012 I became very restless and bored with the industry and what I was creating….


As far as my style, I tend to do very complicated pattern work and drawings. I usually do rough layouts on paper, and scan that into Adobe Illustrator to do all of the fine line work in layers. I’m fascinated with henna designs from India, folk art from the Ukraine, Russia and Poland, and I love Zentangle art.

Mod Floral


Swatches on EmeraldSwatches on White

Using Pantone’s Color of the Year, Emerald, was probably the most challenging designing that I’ve had to do! It was really hard to pick out colors that “worked” with it to use on my pattern. See how each color reacts on white vs. emerald? But I grew to really like it at the end. 🙂

And can I say…that I absolutely love this “design posse” that I’ve found through the The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design courses. There is such support, friendship, and mutual admiration of each and everyone’s talents. We are all so different, but everyone brings something different to the virtual table. It’s pretty amazing, and the fact that we are a global group is even more exciting to me. We all spur each other on so that we can reach greater heights than we’ve ever dreamed of…so that we can all FLY…Thank you ladies 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog, please hop on over to Jennie Whitham’s blog by clicking HERE. If you’ve found my blog and want to start from the very beginning, please click HERE to go to Gill Eggleston’s blog!!! This BlogHop is up and running until Jan. 13th, please take some time out of your busy lives to visit each one of these talented gal’s blogs!

Special thanks to MaJo Bautista V for creating the flyer logo, and Rosie Martinez-Dekker of Believe Creative Studio for putting together the flyer and curating this bloghop.

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