I wanted to give you a little peek into my “Surtex Experience”. Now in its 27th year, SURTEX® is the global B2B marketplace for original art & design—where artists, agents and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable. Wall coverings, decorative accessories, bed linens, stationery, giftware, tabletop and so many more…if it’s any product with a surface design of any kind, there’s a good chance it originated at SURTEX.


I had major issues with transportation! Initially I was all set to have a comfy ride in on the Acela train, but…when printing out the tickets at 5 AM. Bam. Cancelled!! There was a train accident in Connecticut the night before, and all train service was borked. Plan B. Drive to Stamford and take a local train in. GREAT, I can bring more shoes. 🙂

It was even more fun to get to meet some of the gals from my “design posse” that I’ve been corresponding with via Facebook and email for over a year now…my “virtual” design chicas, so to speak. We met for lunch, then I had the pleasure to walk the show with the fabulous Julie Hamilton of Artistically Afflicted! We both were completely giddy and giggly,  overwhelmed with all of the fantastic color, pattern, and design at this show, and also at the Stationery show that was adjacent.

249167_10151482810619139_1073219356_nKim Andersson, Suzie Tremel, Julie Hamilton, Deborah A. Velásquez, Mary Tanana, and Maeve Parker. 

This is Jessica Swift’s booth. (Loved it!)


We walked up to Jessica and introduced ourselves as her “design stalkers” on Pinterest. And just in general. Thank goodness she laughed. So did Josephine Kimberling.  All in all, there was a friendly vibe at the Javits Convention Center. It was nice to meet so many designers that I’ve admired from afar. I also got to chat with Lilla Rogers, a phenomenal agent from the Boston area that represents some extremely talented artists from all around the world. Elizabeth Olwen‘s booth looked spectacular! Loved the overall look and feel of her color scheme and accessories that she showcased! We met through the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course.

I also was excited to meet fellow Modern Yardage designer Cindy Lindgren! It was so nice to meet both her and her husband. Loved seeing her “Craftsman Nouveau” style prints that she is known for that decorated her booth.  I have just started licensing my fabric designs with Modern Yardage recently, but Cindy’s been there a lot longer. Check out her “Poppy Hop” collection and much more by clicking HERE. You can see my profile by clicking HERE, I’m in process of making some samples currently, I hope to have my designs on the site in a few weeks time.


Cindy and I. No idea why my hands are on her booth table like this. How dorky! hehe! And man, those lights were bright! I have squinty eyes!


Cindy and her husband.

I found Ed Miller first on Spoonflower, then we “connected” on LinkedIn. I absolutely loved his booth and I love his design work as well. I really can’t draw animals or characters, so I am totally drawn to his work! Amazing stuff! He was so much fun to talk with as well.


All in all a fabulous trip, a very quick one as well! Better late than never, right? This trip took place last month. I’ve been REALLY busy!! Next blog post will be about my “store snaps” from NYC! “Eye candy” imagery 🙂

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